Alpha Male Advanced Workouts

Go From Beta... to BETTER!

This is precisely where the Alpha Male Advanced Workout system comes in!

You want to be Bigger? Stronger? Leaner?
Your best ever?

This scientifically-proven and carefully detailed 10-week workout system is the step-by-step True Alpha blueprint with absolutely everything you need to achieve maximum results and keep them… for good! It’s the difference between being adequate or EXTRAORDINARY... typically average or TRUE ALPHA!

It's Like Getting the Best of Both Worlds!

James and Rick are the authors of the Alpha Male Challenge—the ultimate mind-body transformation program for men. Published by Rodale Inc., Alpha Male Challenge is the totally revolutionary 10-week plan for constructing the TRUE Alpha Male: a whole new kind of you who is brimming with confidence, loaded with rock-hard muscle, admired by men, desired by women, and respected by everyone.
Eric is the creator of the Power-Rep Range-Shock (P/RR/S) training system. Available as an e-book and DVD, P/RR/S training efficiently attacks every facet of muscle hypertrophy with different workouts each week, to stimulate muscle growth like never before!
And now Eric, James and Rick have joined forces to bring you a program designed to take you to the next level... and beyond! Check out what training techniques just like the ones in Alpha Male Advanced Workout did for Eric's client, Dave Swanson:


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