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Penis Improver - Penis Enlargement System A Manual Guide To Permanent and Safe Enhanced Sexual Performance. LEGAL NOTICE: Nothing in this manual is meant as, or should be taken as medical advice. While the techniques described in this manual have worked well for many men including the author, we are all individuals and they may not be appropriate for you. Before trying any of the techniques in this manual you should consult with a licensed Physician and/or Sex Therapist. If you are interested in penis enlargement you should consult a licensed Physician and/or Urologist. Because no two people are alike and you may have special needs, all penis enlargement techniques should be done under the supervision of a licensed Physician or Urologist. 
This manual is meant for informational purposes only. Neither the Penis Improver developers nor the author shall be liable or responsible for any loss, damage, injury or ailment caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information or lack of information, or use or misuse of the methods or techniques described in this manual. Contents: Introduction Health & Nutrition High Octane Sexual Fuel Diet Supercharging Supplements Charging Up Your Batteries Drugs and other Hazards Becoming A Man of Steel Penis of Steel Strong as Steel Hard As Steel Lasting All Night Long: Delay Techniques Identifying The Point of No Return Techniques Breathing Stop! The Squeeze The External Prostate Point The PG Pump PC Pumping Focus Control Position Yourself for Success The Medicine Man Thrusting Techniques 101 Taoist 9 in 1 Tease and Please Slide and Glide How to Screw Her Good! Making it Bigger: The Penis You Always Wanted The Jelq Technique The Taoist Techniques The Stretch Technique Vacuum Pumps The Program Attitude & Belief Visualize the size Introduction Congratulations on you purchase of The Penis Improver - Penis Enlargement System Manual. In this manual you will learn about your penis, you will learn how to make it harder, longer and thicker and even more important as many women will attest, How To Use It! I will show you how to banish premature ejaculation forever. You will learn the most ancient and the latest techniques for to gain true mastery of your penis. Before long you will have the sexual prowess of a porno stud! There is one catch. Like anything else in life, to become a master it takes work, dedication and consistency. I mean you would not expect to walk into a Dojo (Martial Arts Studio) and come out with a black belt the same day, or be able to do the splits after stretching only once.  I found this one through an obscure magazine article about a year ago. It Works! I take 500-1000mg in the daytime and 1000-1500mg about an hour or two before sex. Warning: Do not take L-Arginine during a herpes break out or when cold sores are present, or any herpes related disease as it will make the case more severe. I also recommend that you take good a amino acid supplement and augment it with the L-Arginine as not to create an imbalance in the body. I do not recommend taking high dosages on a daily basis for an extended period of time.  Herb: Avina Sativa (Wild Oats): Increases sex drive and volume of ejaculate.  Herb: Saw Palmetto Berries Extract: Good for prostate health.  Herb: Muira Puama Extract: Increases sex drive, and produces firmer erections I have heard.  Herb: Yohimbe: Some people have had great success with this herb and claim great results. I don't recommend it, because I have heard that it has negative side effects if over used or used for extended periods of time.  Herb: Damiana: Increases sex drive. I have also heard that the user of this herb will become more attractive to the opposite sex.  Herb: Schizandra: It is said to increase the volume of sexual fluids, increase sexual endurance and staying power and to strengthen the whole body. One Added benefit is that it beautifies the skin.  Herb: Epimedium: Also known as "goat sex herb" considered an aphrodisiac.  Herbal Formula: Honeymooners Tea: This tea is for replenishing spent sexual energy. Dendrobium, Schizandra, Licorice root. You boil all of the herbs and drink the tea. There are many great Chinese herbal formulas that may benefit you in countless ways.


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