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Released: 2011
Duration: 7 hours 40 min 18s
Video Format: AVI (DVDRip)
Resolution: 720×416
File Size: 6.71 GB
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You are about to take the first step in becoming your best you and changing your life!
In the newly released Metamorphosis by Tracy, you will transform your body, defy your genetics, and create the body that you never thought possible. Prepare to be challenged throughout this 90-day program that includes 4 discs of transforming muscular structure work (specifically designed for your specific body types) a cardio component, and a dynamic eating plan. Experience this total transformation through your own Metamorphosis!
Metamorphosis buyers are also eligible to extend their workouts with Metamorphosis Continuity. Starting 90 days after you place your order you’ll receive a set of Metamorphosis by Tracy muscular structure workouts automatically shipped to you.
Hipcentric starts out by working arms and abs before getting to hips, thighs and glutes. Some of the moves are similar to what you see in other toning videos or even in some pilates toning videos, but Tracy does hers with more intention. There’s no flowing through the movements, they are precise with a stopping point after each movement. There are also many more repetitions than you do in most other toning classes or DVDs. I mean A LOT more repetitions. There may be 35-40 repetitions of one exercise on the same leg before going into a slightly different exercise on the same leg, while working that leg for 10 minutes nonstop (feels like 30 minutes nonstop). The whole point is to exhaust the muscles—mission accomplished! Even if you workout regularly, you’ll be hard pressed to do all of the repetitions the first several times you do this workout.

Metamorphosis HipcentricMetamorphosis Hipcentric 



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